Frequently asked questions about perforated paper

Here are some of the questions we get asked most often so if you have a question this is a great place to start. If you don’t find an answer just call one of our friendly team members on 0434 109 757 and we’ll answer it in a jiffy!

Perforated Paper Products

Q: What can I use perforated paper for?
A: This is great question and the answer is – all sorts of things! We can make up raffle tickets, return slips, post cards, coupons and gift certificates, business cards, office forms, event tickets, book markers, shelf talkers, shelf pricing, consignment notes, name tags and so much more!

Q: Can’t I just cut regular paper into the sizes I need?
A: Yes you can but if you’ve ever wrestled with a guillotine or scissors to cut piles of printouts into shape, you’ll know how handy perforations are. You simply fold and tear. And all the time you save can be spent on more important things!

Q: What if I don’t know which perforated paper is right for my needs?
A: Never fear! The friendly team behind Perforated Paper Solutions are here to help. If you have an end result in mind but you’re not sure which perforated paper product will suit, simply call us on  0434 109 757

Q: Can you print my branding on the perforated paper I order?
A: One of the best things about our perforated paper is that it’s perfect to use in almost any office equipment including laser printers, continuous printers and photocopiers. No more expensive specialist printing for you!

Perforated Paper Ordering

Q: Do I get a discount if I order in bulk?
A: Absolutely! We love big orders and want to show our appreciation with a discount on your order. Simply enter the quantity when you place your order and your discount will automatically be applied.

If you’re worried about storing all that perforated paper, why not apply to become a VIP? You can order in bulk and we’ll store it until you need it!

Q: Why are orders over 1000 only marginally more expensive than orders up to 1000?
A: Another great question and it all comes down to setup. To create your order of perforated paper we need to setup our specialised machinery. Once that the setup is done we can create as much perforated paper as you need at a cost effective price. The first 1000 sheets absorb the time and cost of customising the settings for your order.

So the larger the order, the lower your unit price!

Q: How will I know my order has been accepted?
A: On successful submission of your order, a representative of Perforated Paper Solutions will send you an email with your order and payment details. If you’re unsure about the status of your order, simply call our friendly team on 0434 109 757

Q: I don’t want to order online. How else can I order?
A: Our online ordering process is easy and more importantly, it’s secure but you’d prefer to place your order over the phone, that’s fine with us! Just give our team a call on 0434 109 757 and we’ll get all the details we need.

Q: What happens if you don’t have enough perforated paper stock for my order?
A: This doesn’t happen very often but if it does we’ll source the paper from our trusted network of suppliers. So in a nutshell, we’ll always be able to fulfill your order.

Q: Can I get something printed on my perforated paper?
A: We can do that, no prob’s! We can print anything you want on the paper. Just let us know when you order your perforated paper.

Q: Can I get my perforated paper in colour?
A: We’re a colourful bunch and we use the full range of Trophee colours, pastels & fluros.

Q; What type of paper do you use?
A: Our most commonly used paper is Supreme Laser / pre-print paper because it is guaranteed to work in Laser printers, has high resolution, is premium quality, all purpose imaging paper. It’s the brightest white with a super smooth finish. It’s also ISO 14001 accredited. That said, we have other paper choices including Envirocare 100% recycled paper.

Q: What paper thickness can I get?
A: We can supply paper and board, from 80gsm right through to 300gsm – no problem.

Q: As a Franchisor, I need to order a lot of paper so Franchisees to purchase when they need it. But we don’t have the room to store such a big order. Can you help?
A: Certainly! This is something we currently do for many Real Estate Agents. We order the paper and store it for you. Then when you need it, you just let us know how much you need we’ll invoice you for that order only. If this is something you’d like to set up, just contact us.

Perforated Paper Delivery

Q: How is my order protected from rough handling and wet weather during delivery?
A: All orders are shrink wrapped and then boxed so your perforated paper will arrive as protected as the day it leaves our office.

Q: What happens if my order of perforated paper doesn’t arrive?
A: Because we use couriers wherever possible, this isn’t something that happens very often. If your order is outside our delivery time-frames, call us on 0434 109 757 and we’ll find out what has happened. If your order never arrives, we’ll send a replacement order free of charge.

Still got questions? Simply call us on 0434 109 757 . We’re happy to help!

Or order your perforated paper now.